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Best part of having a burglar alarm installed in your home is not that it will scare robbers away before they take your stuff, but that it will often keep them from attempting to enter your home in the first place. PLANNING THE INSTALLATION Before attempting to install any wiring or system components, it is […]

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Home Security Systems   Technology is constantly reinventing itself, and we have a huge plethora of choices when it comes to choosing the best home security systems. With new technology kicking in, conventional security systems are slowly being replaced with electronic surveillance systems and gadgets. Also with the lifestyle of an average consumer changing and […]

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Benefits of Motion Sensors and Detectors-Home Security Systems ATSS Chennai India.

Home Security is like an onion – layered technologies make it harder to reach the center. (And make burglars more likely to cry as each layer unfolds!)  Motion sensors, also known as motion detectors, are an excellent and essential level to your home security equation.   Types of motion sensors for Home Security: Before we […]